New Hire and Full Roster Submission

Assembly Bill 119, also known as the Public Employee Communication law, requires state agencies:

  1. Every thirty (30) days, each state department is required to send SEIU 1000 a list of new hires that includes name, job title, department, work location, work number, home number, personal cellular number, personal email address, and home address
  2. Every one hundred and twenty days (120) each state department is required to send SEIU 1000 a complete roster of all represented employees with the information indicated in number one

** In order to comply with AB119 law, your file submission must contain accurate employee record data with the following fields **

• Employee Name • Home Number
• Job Title • Personal Cellular Number
• Department • Personal Email Address
• Work Location • Home Address
• Work Number

Click here to download a template.

Use the following form and file upload to comply with AB119 state agency requirements. New Hire Rosters and Full Rosters should be submitted separately.

*All fields above are required and should be entered for the person making the data submission.