AB119 Data Submission Portal

Assembly Bill 119, also known as the Public Employee Communication law, was signed into law in the State of California in 2017. The purpose of this law is to ensure that public sector labor unions, like SEIU Local 1000, are able to exercise our rights under our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, aka Contract) to meet with all new hires for the state of California from bargaining units represented by SEIU 1000.

The bill requires state agencies to provide our union with access to new employee orientation sessions along with the names and contact information of new employees in bargaining unit positions. Additionally, state agencies are to provide a full roster of bargaining unit employees every 120 days, which includes personal phone and email information.

Specifically, AB119 requires state agencies do the following:

  1. NEO Notice - provide 10 days’ advance notice of any new employee orientation (Gov. Code §3556);
  2. Roster Files - provide a New Hire Roster within 30 Days of hire and a Full Roster every 120 days

Please use the following buttons to submit a NEO Notice or Roster File:

NEO Notice Roster Files